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Town of Sedgwick

 Record of Proceedings

April 8th, 2019


Members Present: Wayne Price, Troy Kinoshita, Jeanie Tarver, Nancy Sauder, Peggy Raymond, Peggy Owens Employees Present: Richard Kehm, Heather Moore


Call to Order: The town board met in regular session, April 8th, 2019 at the Town Hall. A quorum was verified, and the meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by the Mayor, Wayne Price.


The Minutes from March 11th, 2019

  • A motion to approve the minutes was made by Jeanie Tarver and seconded by Nancy Sauder, all in favor; none opposed, motion carried



  • There was one questions about the bills, which was clarified.

    • Jeanie Tarver made a motion to pay the bills, Nancy Sauder seconded, all were in favor (Roll call vote) motion carried.


Bills Roll Call Vote

Gena Kinoshita      Absent                                       Troy Kinoshita     Yes                   

Peggy Raymond     Yes                                            Peggy Owens      Yes

Jeanie Tarver         Yes                                            Nancy Sauder     Yes


Comments / Guests

  • Lupe Casias

    • Lupe questioned if we have a plan to update our lagoons. We let her know that we are working with Elements Engineering to develop a Town Master plan; they will provide recommendations on the next steps. Elements will also assistance with the grant process.

  • Mike Kollarits

    • Mike is looking to get all 4 marijuana licenses renewed.

  • Larry Frame

    • Larry from Julesburg Irrigation District needs special permission to have a storage container in town, since they lost their storage in the court house.

      • Board decided they would like the town’s lawyer to consider possible resolution options.



  1. CML - Regional meeting in Holyoke April 23rd


Town Maintenance Report- Richard Kelm

  • Working on the upgrades to Jailhouse Museum Park.

    • Received a bid from Joe Buettenback 42x26 slab and sidewalks. A separate bid for the pavilion will come later. 

    • Roger Hodges responded with a bid for the sprinklers. Jeff never responded to bid request on Sprinklers.

  • Received mower bids: Big Springs Brush Hog 54" $5800 delivered, Century 21 has 53" $7680. 

  • With the snow coming trash will be moved to Friday so we can plow on Thursday.

  • O-rings have been purchased to repair trash truck and this will get done before Thursday.

  • The lift station was cleaned out, Wayne asked if Richard has checked to see if wipes are still showing up, Richard said he will check tomorrow.

  • Thank you to Bill for helping shovel snow.

Motion: Peggy Owens made a motion to purchase the Brush Hog from Big Springs, Jeanie Tarver Second, all in favor - yes; none opposed, motion carried


Clerk's Office -Heather Moore

  • Informed the Board know that they needed to official vote me in as treasure and to be the contact person on the MOU's.

  • Our phone system does not support voicemail while we are on the other line.

    • Telcom offers this service, but it is a VoIP. We need to investigate the security of using an internet phone system before deciding on a change.

  • We were also informed that if the wipes continue to be an issue it was suggested that we clean the lift station twice a year, each cleaning is $1500.00.

    • If this added cleaning per year becomes necessary, the cost would have to be carried over to the utility’s sewer charge to customers.

  • CMCA - renewed the membership.

  • We are ready for cleanup days, it will be 4 weeks long starting April 15th and done May 13.

    • We have some interest on the cost of getting a wood chipping service for limbs and branches.

  • Can we enforce the ordinances that state violations of vehicles unregistered in town, yards that have become nuisances?)

  • CML is having a meeting April 23rd, its $25 per person, Peggy, Nancy and Beth would like to attend.

  • Water Loan payment is ready, Jeanie will set a day to do this.

  • CIRSA Audit was conducted, they gave us several recommendations to bring our ratings up.

  • FEMA had a meeting letting us know their process of creating our flood maps.

  • Cunningham offered us a discount to inspect and clean both of our water tanks every two years.

    • Clarification on the reason for every two years will be done.

  • State water survey is being done April 17th, so we are working hard to prepare for it.


Motion: Peggy Owens made a motion to have Heather Moore assigned to the MOU'S.  Jeanie Tarver second, all in favor - yes; none opposed, motion carried


Motion: Peggy Owens made a motion to have Heather Moore as Treasure. Peggy Raymond second, all in favor - yes; none opposed, motion carried


Permit Application & Donation Request & Information

  • Sedgwick Alternative Relief

    • Mike is asking for their annual license renewal for all 4 licenses. No reports have been made to the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s office.


Motion: Jeanie Tarver made a motion to renew the Recreational Retail, Recreational Cultivation, Medical Retail, Medical Cultivation Licenses Peggy Raymond Seconded, all in favor - yes; none opposed, motion carried


  • Fire Hydrant Testing

    • Jason Toyne the Sedgwick Volunteer Fire Chief would be willing to do the test at no charge, with two requests.

      • 1.  Our meter doesn't have an impeller/paddle inside so needs to be tested on open discharge and not through a diffusion box. diffusion box has a chlorine tablet inside.  Willing to test without the diffusion box.

      • 2. Will the town pay for the upcoming pump testing at $370 per pump and we have three pumps, totaling $1110.00?

    • He also brought to the Boards attention that some of our water lines are two small. The need to update might be advised in the future


Motion: Peggy Raymond made a motion to trade fire hydrant testing for the testing of fire departments three pumps for $1110.00, Troy Kinoshita Seconded, all in favor - yes; none opposed, motion carried


  • Harvest Festival Theme

    • This was tabled. Having a public feedback on Facebook was suggested. Also, the honored citizens is needed. The newspaper needs all detail by July 5th

  • Blue Skies Therapeutic Riding

    • Abby Erickson and Sacha Mast request Special Events Permit approval, for the Poker Run/Car Show June 29th. Also requested the town support by donating the cost of the permit.


Motion: Troy Kinoshita made a motion to approve Blue Skies Therapeutic Riding special events permit and wave the $50 fee. Jeanie Tarver Seconded, all in favor - yes; none opposed, motion carried.


  • Ordinance 01-2019

    • Backflow prevention rules and regulations have changed, and the current ordinance is out dated. This new ordinance language has been updated to match the state regulations. Also, added the party’s responsible section with better clarity.


Motion: Troy Kinoshita made a motion to approve Back Flow Ordinance 01-2019. Jeanie Tarver Seconded, all in favor - yes; none opposed, motion carried


  • (Proposed) Ordinance 02-2019

    • Business License Ordinance was tabled. A business license will assist the town in case of emergency situations. Town Hall will have all needed contact information for businesses. It will also allow us to check if proper sales taxes are being paid to the state

  • Revere High School Year Book

    • Revere High School would like to ask for a $25 Donation/Year Book add.


Motion: Jeanie Tarver a made a motion to donate $25 to Revere High School. Peggy Owens Seconded, all in favor - yes; none opposed, motion carried


Adjourned: At 7:26 PM, Peggy Raymond made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Jeanie Tarver, all were in favor motion carried.

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