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Town of Sedgwick

Meeting Minutes

Date:  August 13th, 2018

Time:  6:01 pm

Corrections or Additions to the Agenda – Mayor Wayne Price asked for corrections and or additions to the Agenda. None were made.

Public Comment – Mayor Wayne Price opened the meeting with 3 minutes per person of public comment. No one approached the board for this purpose


  1. Kobi Ault – Kickball Tournament – asked if the town would give him permission to hold the Kickball Tournament in the park.  He wanted to confirm the area of the park as being the southeast corner. Mr. Ault & Richard Kehm (Town Maintenance Manager) arranged a time and day to set up the fence for the tournament with coordination of the park mowing.

Wayne Price asked if there was a motion for the kickball tournament.

Gena moved to make the motion

Jeanie Tarver seconded

All were in favor

The motion carried


  1. Mike Benson & Rick Ingwersen – Survey – Mike Benson described a parcel that Rick Ingwersen purchased. Rick would like to have the parcel split so he can sell it as two separate parcels. Mr. Benson explained that because the survey company could not find a True Point of Beginning on the west end of the town, the survey will cost on the high end $3800.  Mr. Benson would like to have the town help pay for one third of the survey to split Rick Ingwersen’s property.

Board Trustee Peggy Owen expressed her opinion, that the Town needs to have the Town surveyed. Prior steps to have the town surveyed were reviewed. Jeanie Tarver asked if the town could begin the survey at the west end of town avoiding the issues on the East end of town until those issues can be resolved. Members of the community stated they had, had their properties surveyed. Board Trustee Gena Kinoshita wants the town to call and find out when they would be able to know a time frame. Wayne Price felt he would be able to have an answer within a week.


  1. Rick Ingwersen – had a question for Beth about the trash on his property. Richard asked if the trash would be taken care of before Harvest Festival. Rick thought he would. He also asked about the leak at his rental property.




Town Maintenance Report - Richard Kehm

A) Issues at the water plant Friday; got some parts in

B) Park is up to date with its repairs.

C) Grader had an issue with the blade, but it is fixed now.

D) Trash at Rick’s

E) Richard Kehm had a question about charging for mowing. He suggested charging $200 because of the wear and tear on the equipment and the time of the employees. Wayne asked if letters had been sent out. Rhonda said some letters. Gena reminded Richard that they have to send a letter and give them a chance to mow it themselves.  

F) Richard Kehm expressed a need to look at a riding mower for weeds. WP asked about zero turn or a rider. Richard 42” zero with two blades or a rider that is used just for weeds. Give a list of the ones who have been mowed and then they can send a letter. Jeanie Tarver wanted to know it the charge now was per hour or by the size. Richard explained that if you charge by the hour at $10 for 2 hours, it is too cheap. Mr. Hodel asked what the ordinance says. Jeanie Tarver stated, that maybe they should look at tabling the discussion for now and change the ordinance for next year. Wayne asked Richard to provide a list of the yards he has mowed, so letters can be sent. He said he would.

G) Richard is going to keep mowing and get ready for the Harvest Festival. Gena asked Richard if he could put up the flags for the poles. He said he could.


Clerk’s Office Report – Rhonda Jones

  1. Clerk’s office - The Clerk’s office is getting things ready for the audit and getting things ready for the Harvest Festival.  Rhonda wants to get the ordinance book copied and a schedule of deadlines put together for someone to follow.  She would like to clean out some of the files. Mayor Price asked if she needed more file space. Rhonda said she did not.

  2. Purchase of a Printer – Rhonda stated that the town will be purchasing a printer from Office Supply and the town will buy it straight out. Rhonda said she would get it ordered and she expects it in a few weeks.

Old Minutes

Minutes - Three different typos and the sentences did not make sense, everything else looked good. They are minor and everything else looked good.

Peggy Owens made a motioned to accept the minutes as corrected. Carole Cross seconded. All were in favor, none were opposed and motion carried.

Bills – Peggy Owens stated that all of the bills had documentation and she moved to pay the bills. Upon review of the checks and invoices Jeanie Tarver seconded the motion to pay the bills. A Roll Call Vote was done to pay the bills

Gena Kinoshita – Yes; Jeannie Tarver – Yes; Peggy Owen – Yes & Carole Cross – Yes.



Old Business

1) Tractor – Wayne Price said the tractor had not sold.  the tractor will be put on Big Iron, For Sale Julesburg and the Facebook page.  Rhonda asked if the board wanted an ad run in the Advocate again.

2) Audit information – Wayne Price opened the discussion on the two months of utilities that had not been billed. Beth Ritter presented the data the board had requested that she gather at the July 2018 meeting. Rhonda stated that if the board had questions for Dan Pedersen, the board could call him on his cell phone. The board reviewed the data. The issue is whether to forgive $20,000 of the two months. Rhonda explained when the board wanted to forgive them in the first place the lawyer did not have a problem. The Board felt they should have the lawyer come down asap and have a special meeting.  Dan Pedersen will be called tomorrow to let him know a decision was not made.

Park Meeting – Beth Ritter submitted the plans for Centennial Park. Town Board reviewed the plan and gave the community group the go ahead to begin the grant process.

Harvest Festival – All of the Harvest Festival Information needs to be sent to Amanda Mathies at the Julesburg Advocate by Wednesday, August 15th, 2018. Peggy Owens and Susan Rose offered to proof read Thursday night.

The town meal, on Sunday at 4:30 pm, will be burritos, green chili and bottle water. Lupe offered her kitchen at the restaurant to provide a place to assemble the burritos. Gena Kinoshita needed a check for Walmart to get the supplies for burritos and helium balloon kits. Wayne Price has a trailer for the town float. Gena Kinoshita will be ordering shirts. The board decided to use the t-shirt designed by Rhonda Jones. The t-shirt sales will go toward the entertainment fund. There was a question about the vendors fee.

Amanda Mathies will be using the photos from Jeana Johnson of historic Sedgwick for the cover. Amanda Mathies will e-mail the photos to Rhonda Jones to use to decorate around town.

Abby Erickson showed the board the banner for the harvest festival. She had to make an executive decision to have the vinyl poster made as a 12’ by 4’ sign with the Lions Club Logo. The town had previously agreed to pay half of the sign cost @ $225. The cost was a bit more than originally thought at $360. They only purchased one sign. Abby asked if it was okay to submit ½ of the bill to the town.

New Business

  1. Sapp Bros Contract - $1.25 or $1.30 – Question is to whether we are obligated. The answer was, yes, because that is their tank. Question about the tank rental. Kurt seems that it is on the monthly agreement. There was a question as to who owns the tank. There was a question about finding out prices, but when the board weighed out the service with the price, the discussion stopped. (Continued on Page 4)



New Business

(Sapp Brother’s Contract, continued from page 3)

Wayne asked for a Motion for the time being to accept this contract

Gena Kinoshita moved

Jeanie Tarver seconded it

All approved

The motion carried


  1. Light Kelly – (Fees for Legal Services) – Increasing the fees for the town beginning January 1st, 2019. The board believed the actual fees listed had not increased from the current rate.

Peggy Owens moved that the town pay for Light Kelly, because they had been extremely useful to the town.

Second by Jeanie Tarver

All in favor

The motion carried

  1. Web Domain and Hosting Renewal – Wayne asked for a motion for the Creative Marketing Solutions.

Moved by – Jeanie Tarver

Seconded by Peggy Owens

All were in favor

The motion carried.


Guest Rob Crowder – Mr. Crowder wanted to extend an invitation to the EOC meeting. Mr. Crowder also addressed a question the town of Ovid had asked about liability to the town in the case of using public buildings as shelters for tornados. Mr. Crowder said the county lawyer’s opinion was that public building is generally immune.

Gena Kinoshita had a motion to adjourn

Jeanie Tarver seconded it

All in favor

The motion carried. 

Meeting Adjourned @ 7:45 pm August 13th, 2018

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