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Record of Proceedings

Sedgwick Town Board Meeting

February 11th, 2019

Members Present: Wayne Price, Troy Kinoshita, Jeanie Tarver, Nancy Sauder, Peggy Owens

Employees Present: Richard Kehm, Heather Moore and Beth Ritter

Meeting Opened

The town board met in regular session, February 11th, 2019, at the Town Hall. A Quorum was verified and the meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by the Mayor, Wayne Price.

Public Comment:





Thank you from Baby Bear Hugs & Letter from GOCO about possible grants.

Town Maintenance:

Richard Kehm - absent

Clerk's Office:

Heather Moore & Beth Ritter

Fax Line

The fax line is in and working. The number is 463-5537

Verizon Cell Phones: we are still working on cancelling the Verizon phones.

Converting Accts: We are still working on updating all of the clerks logins and passwords.

Cirsa Audit: We will begin the CIRSA Audit which is due February 22nd, 2019.

Heather is doing a great job of filing and cataloging the Ordinances and Resolutions

Liens. We filed 4 liens in November 2018 with the Treasurer. We received payment on one of those accounts.

We are working with Jennifer Lanckriet to collect back utility debt at the closings of property sales. (We closed one account's debt.)

The clerks office will work into whether we can go through collections and/or affect a person's credit rating. Also, we need to look at raising the application fee on the utilities. The board suggested a 2 month utility deposit.

Jeanie asked if we needed file cabinets. We need lockable file cabinets.

New Computer: Jesse Lerud installed the computer and added virus, encryption and back-ups to both computers. We are now running on the same version of Microsoft.

413 Second Street:A letter was sent to the property owner regarding the zoning of the property.

Tractor Bid:

We received 1 bid for the S10 pick-up  and 2 bids for the Tractor.

Credit Card:

Contract Limit - making the person whose name is on the card is responsible. Beth and Heather have cards right now. When do we need authorization. And what is the limit without authorization. Limit - $500 without prior authorization. The board also okayed Richard to have a credit card with the same limits. He will also need to sign a contract. 

Four Day Work Week:

Heather and Beth can work four days a week as needed, while getting things in order. The board felt this was a reasonable request.


Old Business:

Josh Skelton:Dickenson Surveyors - Josh Skelton of Dickenson's Survey brought a bid for the creation of a base map of the town boundaries which will show the deeded tracts and zoning.  Heather explained that Elements engineering will do a full on scanning of all of our maps. Heather felt that a contractors, (Dickenson and Elements) should sign agreements to share information and work together to avoid overlap. Mr. Skeleton agreed. It was clarified that Element Engineering would be mapping out the infrastructure. Mr. Skelton stated that at the current time the city limits are unclear. Members of the Dickinson's office felt that the best solution would be sign an ordinance vacating all of the city limits and immediately vote in and ordinance creating the city limits. The town attorney would need to be brought into the discussion. Josh felt that would be the cleanest way to establish a boundary without a full title search.


Personnel Manual 2019:

Heather reviewed the personnel Policy book with the board so she would be able to make the final edits. The final policy book will be presented to board for final approval.

Resolution 01 - 2019:

A Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Town of Sedgwick, Sedgwick County, Colorado establishing personal responsible for and authorized as signatures on all financial accounts held by said Town.

VOTE: Troy Kinoshita made a motion to approve Resolution 01-2019, Jeanie Tarver seconded, all were in favor and the motion carried.

3 months CD:

ertification #333487, take Edward William Sauder off of the account and put Nancy Sauder on the account.

VOTE: Troy Kinoshita made a motion to put Jeanie Tarver on the CD account.


Safety Deposit box:

Needs a new board member assigned to it to have

VOTE: Troy Kinoshita made a motion to put Nancy Sauder the Safety Deposit box account, Jeanie Tarver seconded, all were in favor, the motion carried.


New Business:

Amanda Mathies: Explorer Magazine Advertisement - Julesburg Advocate - Amanda Mathies asked the board if the wanted to put an advertisement for the Explorer Magazine. This years add would cost $250. This would not be a donation. The town is listed as a sponsor of the advertisement. They print 20,000 copies. Amanda said she could make the changes the town would like and she would put another picture in the Explorer magazine.

VOTE: Jeanie Tarver made a motion to buy a $250 advertisement in the Explorer magazine, Nancy Sauder seconded the motion; All were in favor without opposition, the motion carried.


New Chairs:

Heather Moore

Purchase Chairs  - $120 at Auction.


Jeanie Tarver made a motion to reimburse Heather and pay her mileage for going to go and get the chairs. Nancy Sauder seconded, all were in favor and there was no opposition, the motion carried.


South Platte River Trail Sign @ Jailhouse Park

Heather Moore :(for Anna Scott) Anna Scott wants to know if the South Platte River Trail organization can put the sign in the Jail House Park. The only concern would be the sprinklers that will be put in at the park. Place the sign near the street by the water spigots. SPRT will cover everything

VOTE: Nancy Sauder made a motion to put the sign in the park, the motion was seconded by Troy Kinoshita, all were in favor and with no opposition, the motion carried.


The Minutes from January 14th, 2019

VOTE: A motion to approve the minutes was made by Jeanie Tarver and seconded by Nancy Sauder, all were in favor and there was no opposition


There were several questions about the bills, which were clarified.

Motion. VOTE: Jeanie Tarver made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Nancy Sauder, all were in favor at the roll call vote and the motion carried.

Roll Call Vote

Gena Kinoshita


Peggy Raymond


Jeanie Tarver


Troy Kinoshita


Peggy Owens


Nancy Sauder



Bids for Town Equipment

Tractor:There were two tractor bids - 1)$2155 and 2)$1500

VOTE:Peggy Owens made a motion to accept Ronald Thompson's bid of $2155, seconded by Troy Kinoshita, all were in favor without opposition, the motion carried.

S10 Pick-up: Micha Guy put a bid in for the S-10 pick-up for $300.

VOTE: Troy Kinoshita made a motion to accept the bid for the S-10 pick-up for $300, seconded by Peggy Owens, all were in favor, there was no opposition and the motion carried.



Electronic Timecards, March 1st we will begin using the time card program.



7:48 PM

Nancy Sauder made a motion to adjourn, which was seconded by Jeanie Tarver, all were in favor and the motion carried.

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