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Town of Sedgwick – Special Meeting

(The October 8th, 2018, meeting was cancelled due to lack of quorum)

Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2018

Call to order

Name: Wayne Price


Time: 6:02 pm

Attendance of Sedgwick Board of Trustees and Mayor:


___     _X_   __ Wayne Price (Mayor)

_____­_X_____ Gena Kinoshita

_____Absent_ Troy Kinoshita

______X_____ Peggy Raymond

______X_____ Jeanie Tarver

______X_____ Carole Cross

_______X____ Peggy Owens


Employees Present – Rhonda Jones and Beth Ritter

Pledge of Allegiance

Public Comment: None


         Mike Sullivan – (Sedgwick County Economic Development) – Mike Sullivan wanted to thank the Town Board for support in the past and asked for the same support for this year.  Mike gave the board a list of last year’s accomplishments. SCED is still working on bringing a dentist and has met with Salud. Kit Carson county will be visiting and Mike will go to Kit Carson. Anna Scott was at the meeting and talked about the support from El Pomar. Peggy Raymond asked if last years was $5000. Jeannie Tarver asked if he needed to know right away. Mike Sullivan said he did not need to know right away, that the board could go through their regular budgeting process.

         Josh Skeleton – Dickenson Land Surveyors – Josh Skelton, of Dickenson Land Surveyors, brought a map showing the work that had been completed so far on the town survey. He knew we were having issues with the town limits and he did not know whether they should continue. He also wanted to know how to move forward.  Peggy Raymond brought up a property which the board had question about and Mr. Skelton said the property was in an un-platted portion of town and that he would need to go and pull some deeds and pull the pieces together.  Mr. Skelton brought up that he can bring a larger map and added in layers of information. Nothing had been resolved about the town limits. Mayor Price felt the project should move forward. Mr. Skelton asked if the board would want planning and zoning information on the map. Mayor Price stated he would want zoning utilities and deeded parcels in the un-platted area. Josh said he can give them a bid and show some different styles of other jobs they have done. The Town lawyer Melinda Culley spoke about the procedure that would need to be followed to determine the city limits. There is an incorporation map with a description and the annexations and ordinances can be used to work off of and the areas that they are not sure about the town could talk to the property owners to find out whether the property owners would want to be annexed into the town. The town can look into the annex and de-annexed paper work that would be recorded with the county. Dickenson can compile all the information and will present the board with a bid. Rhonda Jones will look up the ordinances. He will e-mail the Holyoke map as a reference to Rhonda. Melinda suggested once the bid is presented the town should enter into a consulting agreement. She has a form contract that can be used.  Mr. Skelton said he had a bid letter with the levels of detail outlined which can be checked off. He explained the map will be digitized and the detail can be added or taken off. Mr. Skelton stated that an aerial photo could be added to the map with landmarks to help orient people when they look at the map.

Gena Kinoshita made a motion to hand this all over to Dickenson’s and let them get started on what needs to be and we will have Rhonda get all of the other stuff together.

Peggy Raymond seconded; All were in Favor; none opposed, the motioned carried.

Rick Ingwersen brought up his concerns about a buyer seller situation on a couple of properties and Mayor Wayne Price said the town would not be paying for the survey.

         Lupe Casias – (Information Public and Ordinance Lodging Tax)

Public Information – Ms. Casias addressed the board explaining that nothing is personal. She stated that she is coming from a business perspective. She brought up her concerns about public information and feels the community needs to be listened to. She commented that the agenda and minutes were posted. She saw the newsletters as a positive and wanted to know if that is a regular thing.  Beth Ritter, the assistant, addressed the newsletter question; explaining when the town has other information to include with the bills, such as the trash calendar, that will take precedence.  Ms. Ritter also asked for articles. Ms. Casias recommended that the town meeting nights to be put on the calendar.

Lodging Tax Ordinance – Ms. Casias brought up the lodging tax which she dealt with in 2010. She felt the community did not even know there was a lodging tax. Because she was on the board at the time, she was unable to express her opinion on the lodging tax.  Ms. Casias provided the board with a handout to explain the change from 2010 and 2018 and the possible changes of the future. She feels the flat $4 per rate fee is too much. She wants the board to have the information about the lodging tax. She is not trying to get out of lodging tax, but she wants the town to be informed. Ms. Casias said Commissioner Schneider did not know the Town of Sedgwick currently has a lodging tax. Gena Kinoshita asked if the town of Julesburg had a lodging tax. Ms. Casias said they do not. The town lawyer, Melinda Culley commented that the County Statute that authorizes counties to impose a lodging tax, her understanding is that it does not apply to municipalities that already has a lodging tax. She recommends that the town get some information from the county attorney on that, because that is her understanding on the reading of the statute. Ms. Casias said she would.

Monthly Reports

Maintenance – Richard Kehm (absent) – Wayne said that they have discussed the trash bins being placed along the curb instead of leaving them where ever.

         Clerk’s Office – Rhonda Jones –

  • Water Testing - They got the lead and copper tests back and all of the tests were below the action level. Alan Coyne was here last week.

  • Copying Ordinances - Ms. Jones is working on making a contact sheet and deadlines.

  • Children’s Water Festival – Ms. Ritter – She gave a review of the Water Festival. The three questions that came up after the festival were as follows: Will the Town of Sedgwick put the water festival in the budget for 2019 at a $1000 level.  They need a date. The consensus was that fall worked well.  Finally, the location needs to be decided. We could leave it in Julesburg and target the smaller schools in our area, or try to gather the eastern side of the state and centralize the location in Holyoke or open it up to be a regional event and have it in a larger place like NJC. Jeanie Tarver brought up that maybe taking turns would be a good idea too.

Minutes September 17th, 2018 – There were some typos and corrections.  Jeanie Tarver made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected. Gena Kinoshita seconded and all were in favor and there was no opposition, the motion carried.

Minutes of October 1st, 2018 – Jeanie Tarver made a motion to approve the minutes of October 1st, Peggy Raymond seconded, all were in favor there was no opposition, the motion carried.

Pay Bills – Peggy Owen made a motion to pay the bills; Jeanie Tarver seconded and roll call vote was performed: Gena Kinoshita – yes; Peggy Raymond – yes; Jeanie Tarver – yes; Peggy Owen – yes; Carole Cross – yes, all were in favor.

CWRPDA Loan Payment – Jeanie Tarver stated that she and Peggy could run to Julesburg and take care of it. Peggy Raymond made a motion to pay the Colorado Water Resource Payment and Jeanie Tarver seconded. All were in favor and none opposed. The motion carried.

Old Business

  • SCOR Donation Answer/Letter of Support – Rhonda Jones stated that she had a letter of support to send.  SCOR was asking for $50,000. Jeanie Tarver said we would have to wait for the budget.  There was discussion as to whether there was an amount attached to the letter.  Mayor Price asked for clarification. Gena Kinoshita made a motion that we sign the letter of support with no amount specified; Peggy Raymond seconded and all were in favor and none opposed. The motion carried.

New Business

  • Resolution 07-2018 A Resolution Opposing “Amendment 74” – Wayne felt that as a board they would not be voting on this. It is up to the individual. Wayne did not feel the board needed to make a decision as to whether they needed to be in favor or not in favor. Colorado Municipal League asked the boards to be aware of it. 74 makes municipalities liable for any property decrease. Ms. Jones stated the could make a resolution.

  • Policy for Personal Time Off (PTO); health Insurance; Paid Holidays – Gena Kinoshita felt it would be a good time to start. for every employee, before they get their checks signed, the Mayor should go over their time. Then at the board meeting all of the board members should be able to see the hours, time off taken and amount of PTO left.  Jeanie Tarver felt this information should be attached to the check stubs. Wayne felt that they should adopt a program where you get a day a month. Jeanie stated that currently it says 40 hour the first year and 80 the second year, but it needs to be kept track. Gena Kinoshita stated there needs to be accountability. Each board member wants to have a timesheet with PTO on it to review at the meetings.  The current policy states 40 hours of paid time off the first year of employment and 80 hours for the second year. Jeanie Tarver asked if Ms. Culley could help. Ms. Culley said she could give the town board a few samples of an employee handbooks used by other municipalities. Mr. Hodel explained the cloud-based software he uses for his employees. Beth will research the time card software. Gena stated that she would like to look at the information at the next meeting.

  • Executive Session Jeanie Tarver made a motion to go into executive session for discussion of a matter required to be kept confidential by the following federal or state law, rule, or regulation C.R.S. 29-2-106 (4)c (ll) under C.R.S. Section 24-6-402 (4)c - review of confidential tax information. Peggy Raymond seconded, all were in favor and the motion carried.

The time is now 7:27 pm, and the executive session has been concluded. The participants in the executive session were: Wayne Price, Gena Kinoshita, Peggy Raymond, Jeanie Tarver, Peggy Owen, Carole Cross, Rhonda Jones, Beth Ritter and Melinda Culley.

For the record, if any person who participated in the executive session believes that any substantial discussion of any matters not included in the motion to go into the executive session occurred during the executive session, or that any improper action occurred during the executive session in violation of the Open Meetings Law, I would ask that you state your concerns for the record. No Concerns, the next item on the agenda is Adjournment.


  • Gena Kinoshita made a motion to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Jeanie Tarver at 7:31 pm all were in favor, there was no opposition and the motion carried.

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