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Town of Sedgwick – Special Meeting

(The September 10th meeting was cancelled due to lack of quorum)

Meeting Minutes

September 17th, 2018

Call to order

Name: Wayne Price

Date: __________09/17/2018_________

Time: _____6:04 pm_____________

Attendance of Sedgwick Board of Trustees and Mayor:


____     _X_   __   Wayne Price (Mayor)

______Absent___ Gena Kinoshita

____Absent______ Troy Kinoshita

_________X_____ Peggy Raymond

________X______ Jeanie Tarver

_________X____ Carole Cross

_________X____ Peggy Owens


A quorum was verified

Employees Present – Rhonda Jones and Beth Ritter; Richard Kehm(absent)

Pledge of Allegiance

Public Comment:  None

Corrections to Agenda – Vickie Sandlin is in place of Mike Benson on the Agenda

New Business

Kim Orth & Patty Carter (representing SCOR)

Pool in Julesburg is beyond repair. It might last 1 – 2 years.  Replace or it will be gone. Costs more to repair than replace. Flip the pool building with the pool for better access of the football teams during the fall season and for track meets. Also, better bathroom facilities. The building would also have a multi-purpose room for coaching staff use, the recreation department would have access in the summer time and rooms could be used for pool parties.

Pool will have a walk-in entry with handicapped access and along with toddler area. There will be swimming lanes and deeper diving well. They would also like to put in a climbing wall and two slides with its own splash area. They want to make the pool more of a recreational area. They traveled to other pools and did research. This is cost effective. SCOR is willing to do the grant writing but they need community participation in the amount of 30% coming from the towns. The group reviewed the budget for the pool and equipment. They will be doing community fund raising. SCOR is applying to the Buckley Trust in Chapple, NE already donated $10,000 towards the awnings for the and they are also applying to Campbell Foundations for Aquatic structures and Stretesky Foundation. The more people who participate in the fund raising the more they can show local participation. The are doing some fundraising, selling bricks for the side walk. They need to raise $600,000. The goal is to demo in the fall of 2020 and then back up in use by June 2021.

This is the only entertainment for the young people in the community. They are trying to fill the school needs by allowing the sports teams to use it.

SCOR group presented a cost sheet. The project can be scaled back if need be and the project will be plumbed for the entire project.

The board commented that they do not know what they can commit to until the town gets their budget. SCOR requested a donation for the project or a written commitment. The SCOR group would like the Town of Sedgwick as a partner, not just as a support.

Wayne Price commented that the board can discuss and there will be in a meeting in October and by then the board would be able to give an answer.

Josh Skelton – Dickenson Land Surveyors – Running late; when he called he stated he could not make it.

Vickie Sandlin – Sedgwick County Chamber of Commerce – Joe’s Bucks Campaign

$100,000 Campaign used in the county. They go on sale November 10th. A donation was $100 which translates to $1000. Sedgwick donated $500 last year. There was a question from the board as to how the program worked. The Julesburg Bucks are sold for 90% with a 10% discount to the purchaser. The amount that is donated from the towns and organizations off-sets the discount. Vickie is wanting a commitment from the town for $500. She needs an immediate decision. She generates sales tax, because the money spent stays in the county.

Jeannie Tarver made a motion for the $1,000 donation; Carole Cross seconded the motion

All were in favor and the motion was passed, unanimously


Kurt Hodel and Nancy Sauder – Museum Kurt is asking permission to take 8’ – 10’ area on the south and west walls up an area to display three pieces of antique farm equipment. They also want to do a mural on the side, maybe a memorialization of past citizens’ portraits watching the harvest parade.

Melinda Culley, the town lawyer asked if the jailhouse museum would be expanding the area of the leased premises. Kurt did not know. Rhonda explained the lease was just the building. The lawyer explained that that would require an amendment to the lease, and if the lease is more that one year it would need to be approved by ordinance. Ms. Culley said the ordinance could be worked on for the next meeting.

Mayor Price asked Lupe Casias if she had a survey and the answer is no.

There was discussion as to a future mural and fund raising.

Pastor Christiansen made a replica for the jailhouse door and Jim Back will do the lettering for the museum sign.


Kurt Hodel – Address Board – Questioning as to when the last town audit was done. The Board responded that there is a yearly audit.  How many hours legally obligated to post the agenda. Ms. Culley stated that the agenda is required to be posted in the designated posting places in the town 24 hours in advance. Mr. Hodel asked about the minutes and when they had to be “out.” Ms. Culley responded that there is no time frame to get them out. They are not using the state statutes, resolutions and ordinances ahead of the meeting to govern our meetings.

Maintenance Report- Mayor Price: Richard was not present, but Mayor Price felt the town looked great for the Harvest Festival.

Clerk Report – along with regular duties the Harvest Festival kept the office busy. There was $965 in Burrito sales and $1600 in T-shirt sales.  We did our annual lead and copper water testing and they have been sent to the lab. We are done with all of our testing except for the monthly residual chlorine testing. The new copier is here, but we need to do some electrical upgrades before it is installed.  Wayne explained the building is old and the electrical is antiquated. We are awaiting the results. Julesburg and Sedgwick will be hosting a water festival. We split the expenses and take turns getting the grant and next year Julesburg gets the grant. Lunch boxes were purchased to give to the students. There will be 305 students from Lonestar, Haxtun, Holyoke, Julesburg and Revere.

Minutes – August 13th Minutes, Jeanie Tarver’s name was spelled wrong. Jeanie Tarver made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected; Peggy Raymond, seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed unanimously.

Bills – Peggy Owens stated the bills matched the documentation. Peggy Owens moved to pay the bills; Peggy Raymond seconded. There were a few questions about specific bills from the mayor and the board. Roll Call Vote: Carole Cross, yes; Peggy Raymond, yes; Jeanie Tarver, yes and Peggy Owens, yes.

Old Business


Park Renovation – Beth Ritter – Ms. Ritter requested that the board vote on the final project to go forward and get bids for the park renovation: Option 2 of the playground and Option B of the shelter. Peggy Raymond made a motion to allow the committee to get bids for Option B and Option 2. Jeanie Tarver seconded; all were in favor and the motion passed unanimously.

New Hire for the Clerk’s Office - Mayor Price - Wayne would like to have someone hired to get trained to work in the office. In October, Rhonda will be going away, but not going away. After the 1st of the year Rhonda will be on call only. We have several applicants on file from before and another was received. We need to have two people. Rhonda will put an advertisement in the paper to find an assistant.  Rhonda will put an advertisement in the paper to be hired by the first of October. Beth will find out if there are still slots available to go to the Training for the Power Manager program.

Cirsa Resolution 06-2018 – 2019 renewal for Property, Casualty and Workmen’s Compensation and resolution to exclusion for board members to be considered employees for workmen’s compensation by resolution. They also would be accepting the renewal premiums. Jeanie Tarver made the motions to adopt the Resolution 06-2018 to exclude the Town Board members from the Cirsa workmen’s compensation. 

Peggy Raymond seconded; all were in Favor, the motions carried unanimously.

2019 Cirsa Renewal for property casualty and workmen’s compensation - The rate went up a little bit, by $600. Mayor Price requested a motion be made. Jeanie Tarver made a motion to approve Cirsa renewal workmen’s compensation contribution; Peggy Owens seconded; all were in favor; the motion passed unanimously. Jeanie Tarver made a motion for Property Casualty; second Peggy Raymond; all in favor, motion carried.


A motion to go into executive session for a conference with the town attorney for the purpose of receiving legal advice on specific legal questions regarding utility billing under C.R.S. Section 24-6-402(4)(b) was made by Peggy Raymond and seconded by Jeanie Tarver; all were in favor and the motion carried unanimously.


State concerns for the record? No concerns were announced.


The board and Ms. Culley summarized that the town would notify the customers of a billing error that occurred to the utility bills and a letter and a payment plan will be sent, so moved by Jeanie Tarver; Peggy Raymond seconded; all were in favor, the motion carried unanimously.




Peggy Raymond made a motion to adjourn; Jeanie Tarver seconded; all were in favor and the motioned carried.


Meeting Adjourned @ 8:17 pm September 17th, 2018

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